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“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” The question I have for you at this point of our journey together is, “What is your genius?”
– Albert Einstein

CleverMe Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is all about helping people do the things they need and want to do on an every day basis. At CleverMe we work with kids and adults, which means we deal with barriers to participating at one’s very best at school and work, at home and with friends. We also support moms and dads to be the best advocates possible for their kids. We love watching kids experience success, even in the tiniest of steps! We see potential in every child, we look for their strengths and assets, and we use these to help them overcome their difficulties. Through play we solve problems and we help children learn to solve their own problems in the future. We also help corporates best support their employees and ensure individuals are equipped to overcome challenges in particpating in society and in the work place.

Susan is so so so much fun. She is really kind and has a solution for everything.

Erin, age 10

Susan Holland assessed and treated our son for almost a year. When he started, we did not understand his behaviour, he was getting into trouble at school and was not able to manage his moods. After she implemented some of her strategies, he now behaves appropriately at school, we understand why is behaves the way he does and he is able to use the tools Susan taught him to manage his moods. We are also able to identify when he is becoming too excited and know what steps to take to prevent him getting out of hand. Susan is great at feedback and engaging with children at their level. We are happy we sent him to OT with Susan.

Susan , mother of Leo (aged 4)

I was a sceptic at first because I didn’t want to have my child or myself labelled for having to go to a O.T. , but choosing Clevermoet and Susan was the right thing for us to do , I felt heartbroken and disappointed after our initial analysis , I questioned my parenting abilities and kept on asking myself what I had done wrong. My decision to start O.T. was one I will never regret , the support Susan gave my son , unlocking his potential , using play therapy was and has been amazing , in 6 months my child has blossomed his gained confidence and even his teacher is praising the change she’s seen in him. His taking some of his O.T learnings to school and one of them was actually implemented as a game to get the other kids to open up , he was a child that barely spoke , now he actively engages in class discussions and even gives his teacher suggestions for topics etc. But it doesn’t stop there , my 5-10min catch up with Susan after a session thought me different ways of dealing with him , her support was much welcome.  There was a stage I was ready to hold my son back from starting Grade 1 , I am proud to say that he is now Grade 1 ready because of O.T Support. Thank you Susan for helping us.

Rubena, mother of Zeyad (aged 6)

My child has benefitted from her interactions with Susan in a variety of ways – physically, cognitively and emotionally. Susan is kind but firm and has a way with Erin that demands the best of her in the nicest way. Susan has taught us both much that is valuable.

Shanan , mother of Erin ( aged 10 )

Signs your child may need an OT assessment

All children develop differently and therefore it is difficult to know if your child would benefit from OT assessment and intervention, especially when they are young. The following are concerns that might be identified at the various ages that would warrant further investigation.This is a very brief summary, and does not list every concern that might warrant intervention. For more information please contact us to discuss some of your observations and concerns and we can assist in making the right decisions for your child with regards to intervention. OT is also not restricted to these age groups and we treat all ages of children from birth to teenage years.

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