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Susan Holland
Susan HollandOccupational Therapist

BSc. (Occupational Therapy) UCT
MSc. (Early Childhood Intervention) UP
Postgraduate (Sensory Integration) SAISI

Practice owner

Susan obtained her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy at the University of Cape Town in 2008. She then went on to do community service in Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg, servicing several clinics in the area. During her work in the community, Susan developed a passion for working intimately with families and creating relationships that enable community and individual empowerment. Susan promoted a collaborative approach in which parents were educated in meeting the needs of their children, and supported overcoming obstacles to well-being. Susan continued to work in the community for another year, gaining experience in all fields as well as developing a strong appreciation for team work with other allied health professionals, nurses, doctors and management.

Between 2010 and 2012, Susan completed her Masters degree in Early Childhood Intervention at the University of Pretoria, graduating cum laude (with distinction). Susan found this degree extremely useful in gaining a healthy appreciation for the need for understanding each patient within the context of their immediate environment, as well the larger community, and the importance of family education and empowerment in treatment of the child. With this masters being based both on group work and individual application of knowledge to debatable subjects, Susan was able to practice analytical and critical thinking, as well as reasoning and team relationships. It also helped her develop a critical conscience about the current issues surrounding health care in South Africa, and our responsibility as citizens to be a part of making a difference. Susan remains passionate about community intervention, and is involved in several charity projects that aim to build up those in need.

In 2016 Susan completed her training in Sensory Integration with the South African Institute for Sensory Integration (SAISI). Sensory Integration (SI) is the process by which we take in information in the environment and interpret to enable appropriate behavioural responses. Susan has also completed the SI with Babies course with Susanne Smith-Roley, and has experience working with infants and toddlers.

Susan has attended various courses including Basic NDT and DIR (Floortime).

Miksha Jagwanth
Miksha JagwanthOccupational Therapist

BSc. (Occupational Therapy) WITS
MSc. (Occupational Therapy) WITS Second year

Based in Bedfordview

Miksha completed her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal and went of to do her community service at Imbalenhle Community Clinic. During her community service year, Miksha had the opportunity to treat clients with a variety of different difficulties, including Cerebral Palsy, developmental delays, learning difficulties, Down’s Syndrome and Autistic Spectrum Disorders. She worked within community schools providing support for teachers and developing classroom programs to assist learners with special needs.

Miksha is extremely compassionate and has a deep sense of empathy for others. As a young student, she cared for a child with Cerebral Palsy, helping her to develop skills needed for independent living. She is always willing to offer her assistance, and is passionate about helping people develop independence and self-sufficiency wherever possible.

Miksha has developed many valuable skills in her experience working at a school for severely intellectually challenged individuals. She exercises an amazing amount of insight into the lives of others, and quickly develops rapport with both adults and children. She is extremely committed to her work, and will always go the extra mile. During her time at CleverMe OT, she has worked with children with various difficulties including learning difficulties, physical disability, CP, developmental delays, reading and writing delays, sensory processing difficulties and other scholastic challenges.

Miksha is currently completing her Masters at WITS in Occupational Therapy. She is motivated to continue learning, growing and excelling as a therapist.

Miksha states: ‘When we were young, we were constantly asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?’” My answer was always constant, to be an occupational therapist. My cousin, Anjana, who was born with Cerebral Palsy, was always my inspiration. Her parents were told at her birth, that she “will never be a normal child, she won’t walk, run or write… it’s just the way things are.” I refused to believe that my perfect cousin will never be able to perform these duties, so I went with her to all her occupational therapy sessions from the time she was a 1 year old, and performed all the necessary home programmes, probably more times than necessary. Seeing her walk towards me and write my name was the miracle that I believed in from the day she was born. These are the miracles that I wanted to make happen for other people as well. I therefore chose occupational therapy and haven’t looked back since. Occupational therapy is not what I do but who I am. I feel as if I didn’t choose occupational therapy, but rather, occupational therapy chose me, to be able to help those who feel as if they have lost everything.’

Alicia Myburgh
Alicia MyburghOccupational Therapist

BSc. (Occupational Therapy) WITS
Msc. (Occupational Therapy) WITS Second year

Based in Modderfontein on weekday mornings and Bedfordview on Saturday mornings

Alicia completed her community service at Sterkfontein Psychiatric Hospital, giving her excellent insight into the management of difficult and serious conditions, managing a high case load in a stressful environment, and working with individuals to manage to live as independently as possible. During this time she attended numerous courses, both in the paediatric field and in adult intervention.

She is currently working in two private practices covering paediatric and adult case loads. She has a good grasp of using different frameworks best suited to her clients, including DIRFloortime and Sensory Integration therapy. She has a passion for working with children, where she feels she can tailor experiences to meet each child where they are at and promote optimal development. She also enjoys helping adults meet their goals and perform to the best of their ability at home, in the community and in the work place. She is skilled in assessing functional capacity in adults for the purpose of helping them return to work.

In 2018 Alicia began her Masters of Occupational Therapy program at the University of the Witwatersrand, specialising in child psychiatry and trauma with a special interest in sleep therapy. Along with her commitment to learning, she is extremely passionate about helping others, and is an avid volunteer, offering her time and knowledge to those less fortunate for the betterment of the community.

Alicia states: ‘I am enthusiastic about creating independence and a quality of life for children, adolescents and adults and am constantly striving to improve my skills by attending regular courses related to paediatric and adult rehabilitation.’